Doggy Photoshoot Feb 2015

Golden Retriever and Cavoodle

George the Golden Retriever couldn’t resist popping his gorgeous face into this photo of me and Kai the Cavoodle.




I’ve known Kai for a long time and his family refer to me as “Nanny”. I’m always happy to see this sweet boy who loves his cuddles.


Golden Retriever


George may still be young (only two years old) but he was big enough to steal everybody’s heart.




Izzy the Dalmation is, like George, a two year old bundle of energy.





Just a quick kiss, Izzy. xx



Great Dane


Izzy loved Alpha the Great Dane. But then, who couldn’t resist that ‘Big Dog’ smile 🙂




Great Dane


Alpha, I just love hanging out with you.





Muddy the poodle is a shy guy but his curls are a hit with a ladies.




Oodly-Poodly, I’ll never tire of your sweet face.




Photos courtesy of Vivienne Howe photography.

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