Q:  Do I expect pet owners to provide me with a full fridge/pantry for the duration if my pet sitting stay?

A:  No! I am generally quite self-sufficient and bring my own cereal, frozen meals and Diet Coke (it’s my one vice.) I am not vegetarian and have no allergies.

Q:  Are there any pets I don’t look after?

A:  I’m not a fan of rats, ferrets or giant wolf-spiders, but I’ll give most animals a chance in the condition they aren’t too bitey or scary.

Q:  In addition to my own personal possessions, what do I bring to a pet sitting booking?

(1) my Furminator brush (essential for shedding animals)
(2) my clothes brush (again, essential for shedding animals)
(3) my iPad. Many owners ask that I photograph their pets and send them these via email. Please let me know if you don’t want me to photograph your pet.

Q:  How do I care for your home?

A:  First and foremost, I am a carer for your pets but, wherever I can, I try to go the extra mile for you and your home. Often, I bring in washing, vacuum up pet hair, wash and change bed sheets. For every home, I take bins in/out, bring in mail/newspapers and leave your home tidy.

Q:  What do I need to tell Kristen about my home and pets?

A:  This depends on your home and pet needs.  Click on the attached form for some ideas of what may be useful to let Kristen know.

Q:  Do I have a job outside of pet-sitting?

A:  Yes, I do. I’m a trained social work and work four days per week. Currently, I write from home on Wednesdays and also spend a fair bit of time writing at home on weekends too.

Q:  Do I have pets of my own?

A:  No, my hands are full with all of yours.  I wouldn’t like to drag a pet from house to house, so I’ll have to wait until I’m finished with pet-sitting to get a pet of my own.

Q:  What do I need to tell Kristen about my pet?

A:  If you like, download, complete and email the following ‘Pet Sitting Form‘ back to Kristen.  It will give you some idea about what information may be useful for Kristen to know.