What is Petsitting?


Kennels and Catteries are facilities built to cater for large numbers of animals. Due to these large numbers, the facilities tend to be noisy and, for this reason aren’t suited to anxious or unsociable animals or animals with special needs. Many kennels and Catteries are closed on public holidays.

Prices for kennels and Catteries vary from $17 – $33 per day, although most charge between $9 – $20 for ‘extras’ such as a walk, play or brush.


Pet boarding is where pets stay in a carer’s home, perhaps on a farm or in a suburban home. Farms can be great options for animals who love to run, but as their locations are usually out of town, their location may prove inconvenient. This option is good for friendly/easygoing animals, although not suitable for anxious animals or unsociable animals.

‘Don’t Fret Pet’ offers boarding from around $50 per day.


This is a service providing one or more hours of free play or directed play with a focus on training/behaviour management. Some services visit different locations (eg, dog parks, pools or agility courses) and some offer a pick up/drop off service. Doggy daycare is suited to dogs who become easily bored, require a high level of stimulation or really enjoy some energetic play.

Prices vary from $66 to $83 per day.


Canberra has plenty of dog walking services to choose from! Simply choose whether you prefer your dogs to be walked in a pack (which is often cheaper and great for socialisation) or one on one (ideal for training purposes.)

A 30 minute walk for 1 dog costs between $25 to $55 and a 60 minute walk for 1 dog costs from $40 to $75. Canberra’s Friendly Petsitter provides a 60 minute walk for the very affordable price of $40.


There are many services providing drop-in pet care to Canberra’s pets. The advantage to drop-in petsitting is that pets can remain in the comfort of their own home. This makes it ideal for small animals or pets with basic needs.

30 minute visits cost between $30 to $41 and 60 minute visits vary from $45 to $73. Canberra’s Friendly Petsitter provides a range if drop-in services varying from $30 to $50.


A live-in petsitter lives in your home and cares for your pets as you would. This option is ideal for animals, because they remain in their comfortable, familiar surroundings and receive one-on-one attention from their petsitter. It is also ideal for pet owners, because they don’t need to drop off/pick up pets and their home remains safe, secure and maintained. This option suits all pets, especially older animals, farm animals, animals with special needs or animals who need to be let in/out overnight.

Prices vary from $66 to $99 (per night, for short-term bookings), with rates reducing for longer bookings. Canberra’s Friendly Petsitter provides a very affordable option at $50 per night for bookings of less than 7 days.